History of the Book of Second John

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The Second Epistle of John encourages us as Christians to walk in Truth, walk in Love and to avoid false teachers. The author of this epistle is also John. He wrote this letter in Ephesus in approximately 90 A.D. As in the First Epistle, John preaches against the heresy of Docetism which taught that Christ did not come in the flesh, but only seemed to have a body and to suffer and die on the cross. The people that taught this heresy were men that claimed to be Christians, but John in this letter clearly refuted their lies and preached to the believers to cling to the truth of who Jesus Christ was and what He did for them. The recipients of this letter are the elect lady and her children.

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There are two view points on who the elect lady and her children are. One view point claims that she is a church community and the other claims that she is a specific woman who was respected in her community. The true identity for whom this letter was written remains unknown but the keys to what John is preaching in this letter should not be taken lightly by anyone. Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall1 Cor 10:12 is a major theme of this little epistle. May God bless you as you read this short, but to the point letter of this online Bible.
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